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Access your Digital Signage from anywhere, on any device, at any time…

Announcing the most advanced Digital Signage Platform available. Cloud based Scheduling and Distribution, Unlimited Users, Unlimited Storage, Free Support, Unrivaled Player Choice and Transparent Pricing. Supported by Activate The Space, Powered by Signagelive.

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Digital Signage Store is a new venture by Activate The Space an award winning designer, manufacturer and integrator of some of the largest most prolific AV projects all over the world. This store will leverage our multi-million dollar operations plus our decades of experience in Digital Signage Systems. We will only carry and sell products that have been used and vetted by Activate The Space throughout all of its projects for the past decade plus.

Brandcast powered by Signagelive is the solution to many of the inherent problems in Digital Signage Systems today. As an operator of hundreds of our clients Systems, no one knows the issues with Scheduling and Distribution better than Activate The Space.

After selling almost 10,000 Mac based Digital Signage Systems, we began to investigate better ways of scheduling and distribution as well as exploring different models of Media Players. In coordination and partnership with Signagelive, we added support for their system to the Apple Mac. In addition we inherited support for many of the world's most popular Media Players making the system more capable and affordable than past solutions we offered.

Imagine, now you can have any number of different Media Players from Apple, IAdea, Brightsign, Intel, LG and Samsung all with the same Management Portal for scheduling and distribution and you can access that portal from anywhere, on any device, at any time.

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Signagelive is the backbone of the Brandcast System. The Signagelive Content Management software for Digital Signage provides a Cloud Based Architecture allowing for unlimited users and supports Media Playback Systems from Apple, IAdea, Brightsign, Intel Nuc, LGwebOS and Samsung Smart Displays.

Signagelive currently has over 1,920 Active Networks in 46 Countries with over 5,291,499,228 Player Connections and 14 languages supported.

We carry the finest names in Professional AV…

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